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to be distinguished from the Gorilla by the characters mentioned
in the  account  of the latter animal.     Briefly summed up  they

Fia. 275.—A, Cerebrum of a female Chimpanzee two years old. x^. (Dorsal aspect,
showing asymmetrical development.) c.c', c.</', Anterior and posterior central con-
volutions ; /.*, interparietal fissure; f.l, the longitudinal fissure; /.j?o, parieto-
occipital fissure; jfr, frontal lobes; oc> occipital'lobes ; s.c, sulcus centralis. B,
Brain of a female Chimpanzee two years old, x ^. (Lateral aspect.) cb, Cere-
bellum ; c.c', c.c", anterior and posterior central convolutions ; jfr, frontal lobe; f.s,
fissura Sylvii ; is, island of Reil; md, medxilla oblongata ; oct occipital lobe ; pa,
parietal lobe; $.c, sulcus centralis ; tpt temporal lobe. (From Wiedersheim's
Structwre of Jkfan,)
are mainly as follows:—The ears are large, and generally stand
out from the head; but there are exceptions to be noted  pre-
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